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About Standard Chartered Arts in the Park

Standard Chartered Arts in the Park (AIP) is an annual youth education programme through the arts. By providing participants with exciting opportunities, the programme helps them improve their self-confidence and enhance important life skills including creativity, team spirit and leadership. The six-month programme culminates in a two-day free admission festival, aspiring to create a positive, family-oriented art carnival in Hong Kong to fill the city with positivity and foster creativity and appreciation of local talent.

Launched in 2001, AIP first took place at Stanley Plaza. Since then, the event has become the largest outdoor youth arts festival in Hong Kong, moving to its current location in Causeway Bay’s Victoria Park in 2008. In 2012, the Grand Finale Parade expanded out of the park and onto the streets of Causeway Bay, and in 2013 the very first illuminated Night Parade took place. In 2020, we launched our first-ever week-long online series of art programmes for participants to stay creatively connected at home.

Each year, over 3,500 young people and local and overseas organisations come together to produce vibrant costumes and giant puppets for spectacular street parades, plus a variety of stage performances and art stalls, attracting over 190,000 visitors annually.

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About Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation (HKYAF)

Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation (HKYAF) is a charity that provides access to high quality, non-competitive free-of-charge arts experiences for all young people aged 5 to 25. Established in 1993 by Lindsey McAlister OBE, JP, HKYAF organises inclusive and inspirational projects that reach out to youngsters of all cultures, backgrounds, languages and abilities, and actively creates opportunities for those who are disadvantaged and underprivileged. Each year, HKYAF reaches over 800,000 people through its projects, exhibition and performances.

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