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Pirates are fierce adventurers and treasure hunters who sail the seas on their powerful, fear-inducing ships. Proud, ambitious and ruthless, they do whatever is necessary to achieve their goal of gaining riches and power.

This piece is created and performed by a group of talented dancers nurtured during Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation’s Youth Assistant Choreographer Programme and led by professional choreographer Ronny Wong.

Ronny Wong

Venus Wong
Kylah Moureau
Zi Yun Bertha Luk
Chin Nam Audrey Ma
Yau Shan Marsha Lam
Hoi Ying Melodie Lai
Yuen Ying Grace Liu
Wai Yiu Yolanda Kan
Mina Chan
Chloe So
Wing Yu Skyla Leung
Cheuk Yan Cherie Chan
KaKi Christina Lai
Bengy Wong
Helen Wang Long Szeto
Hoi Ying Clarice Yip
Wut Yan Helen Chan


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