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Mysterious and deep as the ocean. Silent and calm or restless and wild. Teeming with life beneath her waves.

She is the Sea is choreographed by professional choreographer Malvina Tam and performed by a group of talented youth from Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation’s Youth Assistant Choreographer Programme

Tam Mei Wah Malvina

Nam Nam
Ting Hei Danielle Chan
Yee Kwan Alicia Ngan
Ema Poposka
Wing Tung Bernice Chan
Emily Senggani Mueller
Maia Brocklehurst
Mona Gierhake
Roisin Knight
Alva Tam
Cheuk Lam Li
Amelie Shih
Yuen Ying Ivana Tang
Gloria Guan
Julie Erika Hui
Ka Po Phoebe Tse
Wai Ching Karena Chan
Cheuk Lam Charmaine Wong
Sze Wai Cherie Yip

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