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The theatre strand is overseen by Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation’s theatre director Lindsey McAlister and professional actor King Wong, who lead eight passionate theatre graduates to research, write and direct their own solo pieces based on traditional fairy tales.

About the Emerging Artist Mentorship Programme

The Emerging Artist Mentorship Programme is a new initiative launched by Standard Chartered Arts in the Park to support young artists and help a new generation of creative talent develop confidence, endurance and adaptability. The programme is split into three strands: Stained Glass, Wearable Art and Theatre. Led by local professional artists, the programme provides learning, professional development and career opportunities for young artists to help them establish their careers.

The Memorial

Created and performed by Elvin Cheung

The Hare and the Hedgehog did everything they could to win a race against each other. Inspired by the Brothers Grimm’s The Hare and The Hedgehog, Elvin Cheung, who recently graduated from the School of Drama at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, revisits this classic story from a new perspective.

Mr. Fox

Created and performed by Charlie Tang

Proposing to a princess can be challenging. While some princesses live in towers without doors, others sleep for a long time. Some princesses are even guarded by angry dragons. And the arrogant Princess in Mr. Fox lives in a tower with 12 windows for her to see everything happening in the kingdom. She also has perfect vision! She challenges her suitors to a game of Hide and Seek. Whoever wins the game will also win her hand in marriage. With the help of three wizards, a handsome young man also attempts to propose to Princess. Will he succeed?

Created and performed by Charlie Tang, Mr Fox combines two of his favourite fairy tales – The Sea Hare and Hide and Seek – as he reinvents these lesser-known tales from the Brothers Grimm.

Thumbelina and the Barleycorn

Created and performed by Natalie Hung

When the Witch from Faraway Land stole the Prince’s golden barleycorn, he was heartbroken. But after Thumbelina arrived at Sunny Kingdom, he became cheerful again. And today, they’re getting married!

Created and performed by Natalie Hung, revisit Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale Thumbelina with a new twist.

The Straw, the Coal and the Bean

Created and performed by Jocunda Yung

The story of The Straw, the Coal and the Bean dates back hundreds of years and follows a trio of friends as they embark on a thrilling journey. The Bean Kingdom might have to change the lyrics to their national anthem after watching Jocunda Yung’s new version of this classic tale.

Jocunda’s performance is inspired by the Brothers Grimm’s version of the story. She is excited about exploring new possibilities in theatre and in life, and hopes to connect with people through the performing arts.

Hansel and Gretel

Created and performed by Chuk Yin-man

Years ago, a father made a bad decision during the great famine and almost lost his children, Hansel and Gretel. Luckily, his teaching helped Hansel and Gretel support each other as they tried to find their way out of the dangerous woods.

Inspired by the Brothers Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel, this performance is created and performed by Chuk Yin-man.


Created and performed by Mario Cheung

Prince Flynn travelled far and wide seeking the love of his life. He faced many challenges before encountering the sweetest singing voice he’d ever heard. Who’s the girl behind the voice?

Join Mario Cheung as he performs a new version of the Brothers Grimm’s Rapunzel as Prince Flynn.

The Matchmaking Pea

Created and performed by Chloe Wong

A kingdom far, far away is preparing for a wedding banquet. The Queen records a video to commemorate this joyous occasion. She recalls his son’s struggle trying to find his true love until a mysterious young lady visited the castle. Watch this performance as the Queen recounts her plan to test the lady’s worthiness to marry the Prince!

Created and performed by Chloe Wong, this performance brings a fresh perspective to the timeless fairy tale The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen through movements and voiceover elements

A Prince's Tale

Created and performed by Kiwi Lee

A rumour brings a man and a woman from different backgrounds together. The appearance of a mysterious dwarf also seals their fate in marriage through the magic number three. Created and performed by Kiwi Lee, this performance reimagines the timeless fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin by the Brothers Grimm.