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This year, a cappella group RAW performs their very own version of Katy Perry’s iconic song Firework. In the story of Peter Pan, Peter is a confident, courageous figure who leads the Lost Boys on an exciting adventure. Firework tells us that even if we feel lost we should persevere and know in our hearts that each of us can shine like fireworks once we find our right path.

About RAW
A cappella celebrates one of the most powerful creative instruments we have – the human voice. RAW brings together passionate young singers to work with experienced singing coach Astrid Lui and create music that showcases the infinite range of sounds that the unaccompanied voice can produce.

Singing Coach
Astrid Lui

RAW Acappella Team Members
Candace Lee
Felicity Dawn Low
Fong Hoi Yin Rittany
Lok Wing Yan Tiana
Roberta Kay Javalera Villanueva
Tam Lai Kwan Julius
Wang Yi Ning Evelyn


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