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When was the last time you took time to relax, unplug and get creative? Since 2020, Standard Chartered Arts in the Park has organised the volunteer initiative The Power of Human Connection to foster community connections through the arts. Last year, over 2,000 Standard Chartered volunteers and 9,000 young people joined our meaningful public art programme.

This year, Standard Chartered volunteers continue to take the lead in creating colourful circle weaving artworks – a process involving repeated patterns that can help relieve stress and encourage mindfulness. Using simple weaving techniques and a round cardboard “loom”, participants create their own unique work inspired by artist demonstrations and their own imagination. The works are also decorated with personal words of affirmation and blessings to motivate and encourage everyone who sees them.

How to join

Step 1:
Our short tutorial video provides a demonstration of basic weaving techniques. Alternative ideas for weaving patterns, font styles and words of affirmation or blessings are also included here.

Step 2:
The art works are created using a circular cardboard “loom”, a plastic needle and cotton threads as demonstrated in the video above. They can also be decorated with string, ribbon or beads. When you finished, write words or messages of affirmation or blessings with colour pens or markers in the outer margin around the woven centre.