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This year’s The Power of Human Connection highlights wishes and dreams through the creation of colourful, decorated koi-shaped ornaments.

Koi are a common symbol of prosperity and happiness in Asian art and literature. Legend has it that the koi was rewarded for its perseverance and courage by being transformed into a majestic dragon after successfully making its way up a waterfall to reach the Dragon Gate.

This year, the programme is engaging 4,500 Standard Chartered Bank staff and local students to create decorative koi artwork. All resulting artwork will be displayed at the Standard Chartered Arts in the Park festival in December to spread good wishes to the community.

How to join

Step 1:
For tips on painting and pattern designs, take a look at the tutorial video. You can also refer to these pattern samples for creative ideas.

Step 2
Prepare the wooden template, acrylic brush markers, pencils and a rubber. Draft your design on the template with a pencil first, then add colour and patterns using acrylic brush markers or other pens. Remember to paint both sides of the template.